Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Muslim Quarter, Xi'an China

Delicious food! Yum yum yum! Only if you are a non-vegetarian. 

Tip 1 Go there early, around 4:00 PM because during dinner time it is super packed which dampens the experience quite a lot.

Tip 2 Carry your own tissue paper/hands wipes. You wont get any tissues with your meal and you might face difficulties in explaining it to the waiter. When I tried to do some hand gestures they thought I am inquiring about the toilet. 

We went here after starving ourselves the entire day and that's why we were able to try many things.
Delicious lamp skewers with Ice Peak

The lamb skewers are a must have. You will find them in every shop. The meat is juicy and oh so soft. 

Around 5:30-6:00 pm you will see people lining up to have a bun stuffed with minced meat. Select a vendor who is also adding some gravy otherwise you wont like it because it gets very dry without it. We had without the gravy and it was hard to swallow. After that we saw another shop serving gravy, I am assuming it will be good. Also, when you get in the queue there will be a person giving you a coupon. Don't try to be smart and jump the queue, when you reach the main vendor they will ask for this coupon and if you don't have it you will be sent in the end of the queue. haha!

Another good thing about this market is it is clean. In every 10mins you will see sweepers cleaning the floor. 

Must have - All the things you can try! 
If you want to select a few and go for safe options then go for lamb skewers, dumplings in sweet and sour soup, cold noodles in sesame sauce with a drink called Ice peak. 

Dumplings in spicy soup

It was a fantastic experience.
Visited April 2017


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