Tuesday, July 12, 2016

To Dear World.....With Love YouTube

I spend a lot of time on YouTube. Over the years, I have discovered brilliant artists who started their journey on YouTube or one of the social media platforms. I understand the power social media possesses. If not for YouTube some talented artists might have taken long to achieve success or worst might have never achieved it.

So, when people say that these social media platforms are good-for-nothing (yes such idiots exist) I really want to give them a Hi5....on their face. 

Anyway, I am writing this post to share with you my favorite artists and and their incredible art you cannot afford to miss. All these people tasted success with the help of YouTube.

Here we go!

The Piano Guys

With 4,668,812 subscribers on YouTube and 898,838,865 total views they are one of the biggest online sensation and have captured vast online audience.

This American musical group was founded when two artists started jamming together just for fun.  

They started by releasing music online and now their music is released WORLDWIDE because Sony signed them in 2012.

The song above is my absolute favorite. Alex Boye's voice gives me goosebumps and transports me to a calm serene place.

Lindsey Sterling

Lindsey owes her success to YouTube. She launched her channel in 2007 but the main popularity came after her collaboration with famous cinematographer for 'Spontaneous me' in 2011.

This tiny girl with Violin in her hand dancing all around will blow your mind. She jumps, twirls, dances while playing kick ass violin.

At present she has 8,199,068 subscribers on her channel and over a billion views which is growing in number as we speak. She is YouTube's top earning musician.

Bart Baker

This 30 year old singer & song writer is the KING of Parody. Yeah I am not exaggerating.Many famous artists enjoy his parodies and ask him to work on their songs as well.

Among many things one thing I admire the most is that he and his team are on point when it comes to production. There sets are exact same as the original song, the actors look exactly like the characters they are playing and the parody is funny as hell. Bart is gifted and can make anyone laugh. 

He joined YouTube in 2006 and is followed by 8,202,449 people! Incredible. Go follow him if you do not already.

Kanan Gill & Biswa

Who doesn't know Kanan Gill and Biswa? If you don't, either you are my mom's age or highly ignorant. These two are taking the Indian comedy scene by a storm. They started posting movie reviews called 'Pretentious Movie Reviews' and made sure that you crack up every 5 seconds.
Picking up one video is really tough so I am posting this one which I have seen like a 100 times and it still makes me laugh hard. 

They upload these videos on Kanan's channel which is having 3,90,818 followers at present. Biswa also has a channel of his own which showcases his stand up acts. 

YouTube is a boon for the creative people as well as the consumers. Thank goodness, most of us understand the value of this platform but those who don't and refuse to understand one word for you 'idiots'.

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