Thursday, July 21, 2016

Exploring Koh Samui in One Day

We are in Samui since Monday. We moved from one hotel to another today, from Amari to Le Meridian. Our cab drivers, a friendly couple, took us around before dropping us to our destination. The man drove while the lady, Paula, was acting as a translator. Today we had fun because these two people made sure we do. 

The lady suggested we should visit all the attractions before we retire to the room of our new hotel. She made a list and declared confidently while sharing it with us 'You never visited Samui if you did not see these attractions.. you must see all of them'.

They took us to four spots and offered to click pictures everywhere.. she took some great snaps, have a look - 

          First stop Wat Plai Laem

Or The Lake Temple as it is surrounded by a lake. It'sa very famous temple among the locals and Chinese tourists  who come here daily to pay homage. 
It is a cluster of three different temples, Buddha, Laughing Buddha and Guanyin with beautiful lake on all sides. Paula handed us a tray full of boiled chickpea and excitedly said 'go feed the fishes, it's fun!'. We happily obeyed and threw a handful in the calm water. All of a sudden the water wasn't calm anymore as big fishes with big teeth stared leaping out. They stared at us like almost saying 'next dose fool'.. I am not kidding..totally left us amazed! :)
Laughing Buddha
Buddha Temple 
Guanyin - Goddess of Mercy & Compassion
It is open to all the vistors all day I think and the entry is free. Also, It is close to The Big Buddha so it won't take an extra effort for you to visit here.

Second stop Lat Ko View point

Tourists in Samui have one thing on their to-do list for sure and that is watching the sun going down. Watching sunsets is quite popular here and you can find various points which can offer you that. We went to Lat Ko View point since it was on our way to the Big Buddha Temple. It was tranquil and the views are spectacular. 

When we visited there weren't many people around allowing us to experience what this place has to offer. The calmness, the views, the breeze, the sleepy vibe.. everything was perfect! 

We were lucky as it was a clear day

As you can see it's a narrow walkway. I don't know how it's like when too many people are crammed up during high tourist season. But I totally love it!

Also, to our surprise the water is very clear. From a high above we could see how clear the water is. We have not polluted this one yet. Let's hope it remains the same. 

          Third stop The Big Buddha

This is the MOST famous attraction in Samui. If you are wearing a vest or a deep cut top you have to cover yourself with a scarf which is available there for free. I know this because as soon as we got off Paula sprinted to the scarf stall and covered my bare shoulders herself. 'to respect the Buddha' she mumbled. I smiled and covered the spaghetti straps.

We did not climb the stairs since it was too sunny and hot. Also, we are currently living in Hong Kong which is known for it's renowned attraction called 'Big Buddha'. So, we thought let's enjoy the majestic Buddha from down below.

Also, I was sure Buddha will not discriminate between us & the climbers and will grant my wishes from where ever I am. :D

  Fourth stop Hin Ta & Hin Yai Rocks

Famously known as 'Grandpa & Grandma rocks'. This place is very old and beautiful with a folklore attached to it. You can read it one of the signboards. 

''Once upon a time an old couple went out to look for a suitable daughter in law but died in the sea before they could reach the girls house. They converted into rocks to showcase their sincerity to the bride's parents.''

While the story and the main attractions (phallus and the lady part) are ordinary, the views are bloody spectacular! The day we visited, the powder blue sky was covered with clouds looking like white cotton floating in the air. And whenever sun got a chance it splintered the light on the green sea making it sparkle. 

Yes, it was my attempt to describe what the experience was like while being a little poetic. The gist is it was breathtakingly gorgeous and I will definitely go there again to see the sunset.

What a great day it was! Paula and her husband genuinely wanted that we have a great time while exploring Samui. The experience wouldn't have been this satisfying if not for them. (Take their number from me if you are going to Samui. They can also help you with the tickets of full moon party.)

Now we are relaxing in our new room. 

Verdict - All these attractions can be covered in one day. If you have little time on you, skip The Viewing point instead go to Grand Papa & Mumma. Skip The Big Buddha instead go to The Lake Temple. 

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