Monday, July 4, 2016

Review - Cathy Pacific In Flight shop 'Butterfly Twist Ballerina'

Cathy Pacific is a fantastic airlines. Especially because the food is YUM and the in-flight shop is grand and delightful. It is the best I have ever seen and I think most of you will agree with me.

On my recent trip, I was going through their catalog and fell in love with the 'ButterflyTwist' black ballerinas. They looked soft, light and comfortable in the picture so after a lot of thinking I bought them. 

Also I love the packing 
I was looking for a black pair like this since long and this one was exactly what I wanted. Also they need very little space which allows you to carry them anywhere. I am carrying them everywhere with me and quickly change when my heels starts acting up. 

Moment of the truth - When I wore it for the first time i was very happy with my buy. The insides are soft, it is light and it looks chic. But i had to walk a lot that day and after half an hour the back of the left ballerina started huring me. The right one was perfectly fine while the left one was almost piercing my skin. It was hurting alot and I could not do anything about it so I had to change my footwear and carried on with the night. 


Later I got a cobbler to hammer the protruding part at the back of the bellie ro make it smooth. We now folks, it absolutely fine!!! 

I can walk, run or dance in them for hours.

Verdict - 10/10 on the looks, softness , ease of carrying. But 6/10 on comfort before I got the cobbler to fix it. But I think it was only my piece which happened to be like that.... 

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