Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Unforgettable Three Days in Ubud, Bali

After three days of pure bliss in Ubud, Bali, we left for the city center called Nusa Dua. Nusa Dua is beautiful but I found myself missing the serene & calm Ubud every single second. City’s hustle bustle is infectious but I prefer quieter and tranquil places over loud and active cities. Or maybe I am simply I am missing Ubud and the experience Samkhya Villas gave me. I want to share with you why it left a mark on me.

Samkhaya Villas We were staying at this beautiful villa which was actually in the lap of nature. One can hear the intriguing noises of different creatures living merrily in your presence. Crickets sing in unison, birds dance happily, bees and dragon flies fly away happily past you. The morning air is so pure, so fresh that it leaves you feeling that you took a long pleasant scented bath. 
I did yoga every morning breathing this fresh air... pure bliss.
Samkhaya Villas

The People - well not just in Ubud but everywhere people are warm. Their genuine smiles will make you smile too and warm greetings will urge you to hug them. They have a cute Jamaican accent. The people are happy, they are not in a rush to go somewhere or do something. On our way to the monkey forest we met a local, Jyoman pronounced as YoMan, who drives a car for a living. He took us around and told us Bali's history, good restaurants, points of interest. Yoman was very helpful and I suggest to use his services when you go to Ubud. I am so impressed by Yoman that I decided to write a post about him.
Look at his smile :)

Culture/ Traditions - Bali is known for its diverse art forms. Their performing arts, wood carvings, paintings, sculptures are all truly amazing. We had a chance to see the traditional Legong Dance in Ubud and were left awestruck by it's beauty. I was impressed that the youth has taken the charge to keep their traditional art form alive as the performers were very young. Do go and see this beautiful art form when you are in Bali.
Legong Dance

Food - The authentic Balinese food is YUM. Fresh ingredients, beautiful flavors, cut of meat.. everything is on point. They have fruits there which I saw and tasted for the first time like Mangosteen. Fascinating! Also, the flavors are little bit similar to Indian flavors which made me fall in love with the food instantly.
Chicken Curry with roti, Nasi Goreng & Pork Sate

Mystical - No matter where ever you go or walk in Ubud, you will see spectacular architecture. Their carvings on both wood and stone have a mystical feeling to it. They are religious people and have temples everywhere. By everywhere I mean you will see one in every 100 meters. The architecture of temples is breath taking. I feel others areas are commercialized and it's Ubud where you will experience the real Bali.
One of the Temples
If you are planning your summer vacation right now I would suggest consider Bali. 


  1. Mother Nature and her caring ways- I'd love to be in her lap and breath in the sights and sounds that you have written about.

  2. Well written !
    Your words are pictorial.
    Worth read .

  3. Well written !
    Your words are pictorial .
    Worth read .

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