Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Hong Kong Guide - Mui Wo Lantau Island

Summers are here.

I have spent eight months in Hong Kong and I know one thing for sure that Hong Kong’s weather is unpredictable and extreme. I have seen people lugging around umbrellas, wearing rain boots and then using the very same umbrellas to save them from scorching sunlight.

If you are coming or planning to come to Hong Kong you should be prepared to experience insane weather. It is so bad that it’s good. Now I actually like it.

Besides there are so many things that you can do in this erratic weather. Like going to a beach when it’s raining and having a glass of beer at a bar when its sunny.

Recently I visited a beautiful rural town in Lantau Island called Mui Wo. It's 40 minutes away by a junk boat. Fun Fact - A Junk is an ancient Chinese sailing ship and you will see number of them in Hong Kong.

Here I am at the Central Pier waiting for the Junk
One of my friend’s company owns a junk and employees can use it once a month with their friends and family as an ‘employee perk’. Isn’t it incredible? I wish I can work for a company like this. Anyway, if you don’t have a friend like mine, you can easily get on to a ferry from Central Pier No 6 to Mui Wo.

Junk ride is superb. If you get sea sick be careful as water can get choppy sometimes, so sit on the upper deck and concentrate on the horizon.
Friends smiling & me laughing like a seal
Serious fact – You get sea sickness when brain receives conflicting signals. So on a rocky junk your body is feeling the motion and your ear liquid is also moving but your eyes cannot see any movement, as a result the brain gets confused. Sitting on upper deck establishes that coordination.
Super fresh sea food
It was almost lunch time when we reached Mui Wo and I was craving for some sea food. There are western bars where you can drink beer and chill for some time and then there are local eaters with super fresh sea food options where you can have your lunch. Having lunch at local eateries gives you a sense of the island. It is a different experience; you must try it. If you don’t like sea food they have yummy vegetarian options as well, obviously!

This place is fun for the kids too. We had two little baby girls who were having a fantastic time blowing bubbles all over the place (they bought bubble toys from there), touching fishes and running around.

It was a perfect day to go to the beach. The water was clear and turquoise blue though it was a little dirty. Kids had a great time splashing water on each other and laughing happily.
Pretty little girls having fun
Gentle waves brought tiny fish on shore and the adults spend their time in saving them. Also drinking delicious wine.
With jeans & top on the beach. When you are ready for the beach but your body is not.

 My Verdict - You should definitely go To Mui Wo. It's in Lantau Island which is known for various attractions. You can take a day trip to Mui Wo, stay in a hotel over night and explore Lantau the next day. Trust me it will be super fun. Not to mention carry a water bottle and umbrella, change of clothes (because no matter how much you control you will end up splashing water), and mosquito repellent just in case.                              

What - Mui Wo Lantau Island

Where - Eastern Cost of Lantau Island
Getting there - Take a ferry from Central Pier No 6
Time - 45 minutes

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