Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Day well spent Stunning Chi Lin Nunnery

I read about this nunnery somewhere and added it to my To-Do list but didn't get a chance to visit until recently. It was a bright sunny day and I was excited to gallivant all by myself in this new city. 

I decided to take the MTR which is pretty well connected in HK and got down at 'Diamond Hill' station. Its a 8-10 min walk from the station and it's easy to find. Also there are signage everywhere.

I took good 10 mins to reach Chi Lin Nunnery and boy I was blown away. I was toally awestruck. Nunneries have that effect on me. 

The nunnery was build in 1930s and was reconstructed in 1998. The Tang Dynasty architecture is splendid. They say that the design demonstrates the harmony of humans with nature because not a single nail was used in the construction which makes me wonder how did they manage to attach different chunks of wood together.. 

See no nails and what a nice shot!

It can get pretty hot here so carry your umbrella and a water bottle. There are two sections, one each on the either side of this bridge I am standing on in the picture below.

On the bridge, standing in front of the main entry door

On one side they have different temples with different gods and goddesses. Here they have lotus ponds, ancient rock display, bonsai tea plants and security guards. Yes the guards keep an eye and you are not allowed to click pictures of inside of the temple.. 

Temple from a distance

Beautiful Lotus ponds

I spent almost half an hour to 45 mins here, praying, strolling, and looking at the giant golden Buddha in the main temple. He is stunning! Be prepared to be amazed. If you have seen nunneries/monasteries before may be you wont find it 'stunning', but I did because monasteries have that effect on me. I love them.

I crossed over to the other side, it was 2 PM by now and I was starving. I knew they have a vegetarian restaurant but I found myself clicking pictures of everything thing I encountered. I clicked almost 30 pictures and by the time I reached to the restaurant it was shut. It closes at 3PM and reopens at 6 PM I think. 

Don't worry I had my lunch at their other cafeteria, a sandwich which was okay and a glass of fresh juice which was YUM. 

I cannot explain the beauty in words.. Hence the pictures :)

My Tip - MUST Visit, carry water bottle if sunny, go to the restaurant before 3PM, buy yum chocolates from the shop.

What - Chi Lin Nunnery 
Where - 5 Chi Lin Nunney, Diamond Hill
Getting There - Diamond Hill Metro Station, Exit C2
Website - http://www.chilin.org/

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  1. Missed it on this visit must note to do it in our next. Your write up has me excited