Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Wine By The Seine

Seine the most important river in France.
Seine the hub of Paris.
Seine exceptional inspiration for artists.
Seine Europe’s most romantic rivers.

When you hear the word Paris you think of Eiffel Tower or Notre Dam or Moulin Rouge but it's Seine where you will see the real essence of the city. 

Last summer when we were in the city of love, the most fascinating thing (to our surprise) was the Seine. The walkways, the parks around it are difficult to ignore.

We ended up having a stroll around the river almost everyday. It was such a lovey feeling. Of course I have seen and walked along rivers before, but the Seine is different, small shops selling nudes, antiques around it are different, the walkways around it are different and the bridges are different. 

So, one day we decided to sit by it and enjoy what the river has to offer. We picked up some wine, disposable glasses, a thin mat and made a comfortable corner for ourselves. 

Popping the Wine

I was wearing my favorite jeans and this mat came to my rescue. I usually carry it around when we are on a holiday because sometimes we have sudden urges to sit and relax when we see green parks... anywhere. The weather was perfect, the wine was good and there was a live three-artist band performing on the other side of the riverbank. What else one can ask for? Tapan was having a great time singing along with the band. But he is a little camera shy :D

We spotted a salesman with a backpack roaming around and after good hard look we found out that he is selling Wine! Singing along with the band we were slowly polishing off the wine bottle and mutually decided to buy one from this gentleman. At this point I found myself humming the song from 'A Monster In Paris' called La Seine....

She's resplendent, so confident
La Seine, La Seine, La Seine
I realize, I'm hypnotized
La Seine, La Seine, La Seine
I hear the moon singing a tune
La Seine, La Seine, La Seine
Is she divine, Is it the wine
La Seine, La Seine, La Seine....


  1. Your wonderfully expressive writing brought back some long forgotten memories - Vinu I think she'd a tear or two when I read the Song of the Seine