Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Review - Braun Face Facial Epilator

Facial hair is that recurring demon which refuses to hide under your foundation or concealer or anything else for that matter. It's that wicked devil which makes it's presence known even in brightest sunlight. 
What I want to say here is that I am sick and tired of my girl mustache. Regular beauty parlor trips only for 'upper lip' is tiring and sheer waste of time. When I was living in India it was easier because it's incredibly easy to find good parlors with skilled 'threading' technique. Since I moved to Hong Kong it has been very difficult to find a descent parlor with satisfying threading service. I tried many and was not happy with a single one. 

One day while window shopping I saw this amazing device called Braun Facial Epilator, tried it and instantly fell in love with it. Since I was already using the silk elpilator from the same brand I was pretty sure that this facial epilator is a great product. Also I had Flipkart Vouchers (I won in an contest by Blogadda, but that's another story) and they were offering discount on this product. Obviously I bought it.


The Set Contains - 
1) Epilation Head
2) It's protective cap
3) Cleansing Brush 
4) Small Brush

I have been using it since two months now and I have to admit my life is much easier. The epilaton head is quick and is gentle on your skin. It is immensely useful when I am travelling and have no time to locate beauty parlors. Also, it's light and powered by AA battery so one can carry it around easily. 

The only thing which bothers me is that the hair appear very soon after epilation as compard to, after threading. Initially I thought that maybe I am not doing it properly but after two months I have realized that, that's the way it is. 

I don't mind it too much as I can again use the device as many times I want.

But if you are looking for a device which can replace your 'Beauty Salon', then maybe this is not your product. You will have to go and get the thing done professionally in the parlor at least twice a month. This product is only good if you are travelling or don't have access to parlor services. 

Since I am not travelling my device is covered with the cap and is lying in my cupboard.


The cleansing brush is of no use. It's soft on the skin but I don't think it's doing any good to my skin. I have stopped using it as it was sheer wastage of time. I think this is probably added to the kit to make it look impressive rather than to add some value. 

My Verdict - If you are sombody who travels a lot, new mother with no time to spend on your beautification, somebody who finds beauty salon visits painful or someone in a new city with no clue where to find a good parlor; then this facial epilator is for you. You can carry it around easily as it's tiny and light. It will help you in getting rid of those unwanted hair in a swish. BUY IT (only if you get a discount)

But, my friend, if you are looking for something which gives you freedom from beauty parlors ques this is not your device. You will still have to visit the parlor for a cleaner and brighter look. DO NOT BUY.

That's all ladies! Bbye

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