Thursday, March 10, 2016

Restaurant Review - The Glasshouse Pattaya

The Glasshouse Beachfront Restaurant and Bar is half an hour's drive from central Pattaya. Me and my husband were staying at newly launched 'Movenpick Siam Hotel' and from here it's a 20 mins beach-walk to The Glasshouse.

We picked this restaurant because it is renowned for it's local cuisine and we were dying to have local food. (A night before we tried the shacks right behind Movenpick and ended up having food which was...oh god pathetic!) 

The Glasshouse manages to offer scrumptious Thai food, amazing ambiance, nice music and clean toilets. 

Slight wind, wet sand, rows of lights above your head, happy faces around you makes it a great experience. 

Also, the sea is usually calm and hence you can enjoy your meal without worrying about Tsunami (note to self - get checked your fear of water). If you go there for dinner, I'd suggest ask for mosquito repellent wipes as soon as you reach otherwise you will be attacked by big notorious mosquitos.

Food is authentic Thai and So Damn Good. We had Clams, chicken in some leaf, Again Clams & Aglio E Olio. 

While Thai food was yum Spaghetti was alright, but again why would you eat italian in a Thai restaurant? ( In my defence I wanted to try it in order to write this review. )

Drinks were also nice and stiff. :)

The only negative thing is that staff is a little weird. They were not responding properly for like initial 15 minutes and after that they were okay. Whether it was language barrier or something else I am not sure.. Have to go back to see if they are always rude or yesterday was a special occassion. 

Till then bbye. 

Verdict - Must go there if you are in Pattaya for yummy Thai food. 

PS - If you are living in Movenpick or one of the hotels in that locality you should walk the beach to reach Glasshouse. Its a fun walk and will have to cross a small backwater kind of stream, which is so much fun! 


  1. Great got to try out this Thai eatery also

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