Thursday, March 17, 2016

Hong Kong Guide - What to skip and What to Visit

Since I have moved to Hong Kong last October I have been exploring the city whenever I have the time. Have to say that Hong Kong is a great city, it's like Mumbai on steroids. The spirit of Hong Kong is unparalleled. 

As a tourist with limited days on your hands you can be stressed out in selecting what to see and what to avoid. Going through plenty of reviews available online can leave you even more confused. I am about to tell you exactly what you can avoid. Read up :)

1) Disney Land
As a die-heart Disney fan I understand that if you are in a city with Disney Land you would love to go there. But HK's Disney Land is not as good as a Disney land should be. If you have been to another Disney Land before you will be disappointed with this one. So, if you have less time and have to pick between different attractions and don't have children, it is better to skip this one. Instead go to The Ocean Park which offers you multiple experiences under one roof. There are penguins, pandas, Dory from Finding Nemo, macaw parrots, amusement park with crazy rides, a water show in the evening and much more. Also, Ocean Park's tickets are cheaper than Disney Land's. One day general ticket for the former is around 385 HKD while 'One day ticket' for the latter is around 540 HKD. So pick wisely.

2) The Peak 
Victoria Peak is locally known as 'The Peak' & is a great attraction on a clear day. If there are no clouds masking the spectacular views you can click some amazing pictures from here. There is nothing much to do though. And if you reach there without checking the weather and 'meet' the clouds, it will be such a kill joy. Also, if you are not a big fan of 'views' (like I am not) and if hotel room is on a higher floor with great city view, I don't think you should go here. My verdict, skip it.
View From The Peak

Instead go to Stanley's. From Central it takes around 40 minutes in a bus to reach Stanleys. If you have motion sickness I suggest pop in a medicine before hand because the roads are winding. These two experiences are somewhat similar in my opinion but Stanley Market is better one. It's a large promenade with multiple restaurants, furniture shops, clothing shops, a flea market, beach, bars and what not. 
Children enjoy a lot here. People also bring the pets who run around like crazy.
I love the flea market. You can get some really interesting art there. If you are lucky you can catch some of the artists performing live, last time when I was there, a South-American band was performing.

One of the Restaurants at Stanley Market

Beach View

3) Ozone in Ritz Carlton
Often people are extremely excited to go to a roof top bar for uninterrupted view of the city and for the light show. Ozone is top on the list as it is the highest bar on 118th floor and one would think it's a great place to see the light show. Well... NO. It is so high that it's mostly covered by clouds and you cannot see a thing. If you go there on a clear day, then it will be fun. Drinks are nice and staff is welcoming but views.. no where.. Instead go to Eye Bar in iSquare which is on the 30th floor. This offers you a great view of the Victoria Harbor and Light show is happening right in front of you. Food and Drinks are nice.


4)Taco Loco in Mid Level
Location is the only good thing about this restaurant. Food is bad, restaurant is cramped up and the server is rude. I also understand that if you are on the escalators wanting to have Mexican food and enjoy the 'escalator ambiance' you would say 'I will take my chances'. But my friend I have this covered. Instead go to Cali- Mex on Staunton Road. Staff is courteous, food is amazing, ingredients are fresh, service is quick. You are Welcome 😉

5) Crystal Jade

If you are in HK and have done a little reading I am sure you would like to try the famous Soupy Dumplings. Crystal Jade is one of the restaurants which is quite famous and is present at various locations. The dimsums / Bao are very doughy, herby - tea served here is cold (I like it hot), also attracting attention of the server is a task. Din Tai Fung on the other hand is far more superior. Food is phenomenal and service is impeccable. Soupy dimsumps are so delicate and flavorful. There is always a big line of people waiting for their turn.

Soupy Dimsums at Din Tai  Fung

Everything on that menu is just so scrumptious that it will take you to food heaven. It's Michelin Star and the prices will astonish you. Highly affordable. Just go there.

6) Mcdonalds or KFC
Hong Kong has ruined my MC D and KFC experience forever. Here, they have given stinkiest and smallest spaces for these two. Mostly you will find them in the basement, near the toilet, stinking and dirty. Even in a mall McDonalds will be somewhere hidden in one corner far away from the main mall. DO NOT eat here at all. If you are craving for a burger then I would suggest get it packed and eat it anywhere else but the outlet. 

7) Taxi
Taxis are readily available but going around in the MTR and bus is much more fun. Figuring out the bus network in a new city is difficult, I know. But not in Hong Kong.. they have apps which will help you with that. Download City Bus NWFB for buses and MTR mobile for the Metro network.


  1. wow, you will be our guide for sure when we are there.

  2. Amazing ! Send it to HK tourism deptt. They will be happy .

  3. Amazing ! Send it to HK tourism deptt.
    They will be happy