Thursday, March 10, 2016

Galavanting around Pattaya in Broad Day Light

10th of March 11:30 AM.
The sun is smiling bright causing each and everyone to huff & puff while sweating heavily. I look up and almost blinded by the brilliant sunlight. We are shifting hotels today and want to quickly see the famous nearby attractions before going to central Pattaya. 

One is Buddha Mountain and another is Pattaya View Point. 

It seems to be a good idea as The Buddha Mountain is only 15 mins drive from the hotel. I am excited because I am one, a Nicherin Buddhist and second, I read online that there are number of pavilions and pools filled with lotus flowers. Wow I love Lotus! 

We are driving through a local residential area. The architecture is different and unique. There is a Swiss Sheep Farm somewhere, we crossed it in a hurry. 

Suddenly out of nowhere a gigantic Buddha is looking at you. He is stunning! I told my husband that they used lazer to carve Sukhothai era Buddha on this mountain and then placed gold leafs to make it 'gold Buddha'. He looks impressed. (He is not a fan of such sights or any thing to do with the idea of 'god' as he is a non believer). 

Totally mesmerised we get out of the car and start clicking pictures and more pictures. 'This is one of the largest Buddha images in the world' I tell Tapan. He nods. 

It is so hot, so damn hot that we are already thirsty and sweaty and tired and out of breath. 

There are gardens, pavilions and lotus ponds inside that we want to see but I doubt we can enjoy it in this heat.

I decide not to go inside as we have already seen the main thing ie Buddha. Ponds and pavilions maybe next time. Tapan looks relieved gulping down the cold water. 

We jump into the car and yell Time for the View point! 12:15 PM

Its a long drive to Pattaya View Point. We are crossing different resorts, hotels and local shops. This road taking us up looks extremely narrow. We are hit by extreme sun as we climb the 4,5 stairs. There it is... The uninterrupted view of the Pattaya Bay. 

It is nice but its damn hot and I am not enjoying it. Maybe I should have come here around sun downer. Lets quickly look at the 4th King's statue and click a few pictures and then jump into the car with blasting AC. 


  1. Heat is good as it comes from the Sun,a natural heat giver, the Sun's only aim in life is to give warmth- To some Budha provides warmth to the soul.

  2. Buddha was such a sight dad. :)