Monday, February 22, 2016

'Santorini' Restaurant (Hong Kong) Review

I love Greece and everything about it.  
Incredible history, unbelievably stunning landscape, warm people and exquisite food. 

Oh god what food!

When I was moving to Hong Kong the first thing I wanted to do (after settling in of course) was finding a Greek Restaurant. And guess what I spotted one in Soho area called 'Santorini', as Greek as Greek can be.

Located on the Elgin Street right in front of the escalators one cannot miss this pretty white and blue restaurant.

The menu is full of glamorous Greek dishes prepared by their freakishly handsome Greek chef. Oh he is a treat to the eyes.

I have gone there couple of times now and I have tried Greek Salad, Moussaka, their famous Paidakia (Lamb Chops), Keftedakia (pork and beef balls with tomato & mint sauce), Santorini's Twisted Pasta and all the 5 dips with Pita Bread. 

I have to say that the food is amazing. Gorgeous golden Moussakka will give you multiple flavors at the same time. The cheese, the eggplant, the beef..oh just amazing.

Paidakia or Lamb Chops is to die for. Seriously! The soft, juicy and flavorful meat reminds me of Athens and the garden restaurant where I tasted this for the very first time. This is a MUST TRY if you love the taste of meat. It's grilled or barbecued with mild herbs which makes it crispy and smokey. YUM! 

I like Keftedakia because it's more tomato-ey and less minty. The flavors coats your tongue and goes with your wine  or beer. All the dips are nice, i suggest to take a small platter of all 5 dips with your pita. Variety is always good. :)

Santorini's Twisted Pasta with cherry tomatoes basil, garlic and oregano is also quite tasty. This will definitely satisfy your pasta cravings.

The staff is friendly, ambiance is very Greek, washrooms are clean and food is divine.

Happy Me. Look at the wall behind 

If you are a traveler, a local or just somebody living in Hong Kong looking for good food, you must pay a visit here. Remember to make a reservation before hand other wise you will not get table by the window or worse not get any table at all.

Address : G/F 51 Elgin Street, Soho Central
Contact no : +852 28106106


  1. Must visit this on our trip to HK reading somya's write up on the food makes 'The Water Come To my Mouth'