Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Stories From The French Riviera

I visited the Mediterranean coastline of southeast France famously known as the French Riviera this August and needless to say it was absolutely stunning. 

Nice (pronounced as Niece) was the last destination of our summer break and we wanted a grand yet relaxing end to our holiday. The capital of French Riviera provided us the exact experience we were looking for. 

The deep blue waters, the pebbly beaches, big vibrant buildings, bright sun, delicious food..Oh how incredible those 5 days were. 

We used to spend half our day at one of the beaches and another half eating delicious food.

Here I want to share a few pictures I managed to click while vegetating on the beach bed. Each picture has a story.

The Selfie Queen
This beautiful young Chinese girl was right in front of me taking non stop selfies. She was wearing makeup even when she was in the water looking as pretty as a mermaid. These Chinese people have fancy stuff with them. She was carrying a Polaroid camera, a kit full of water proof makeup, 2-3 sumsuits (she changed her suits) and a underwater camera. 

Me & My Book
I was reading The Necroplois by Avtar Singh. Such a nice read. Though it was difficult to concentrate on this buzzy beach while noticing people around and clicking pictures. Ignore the date please, camera setting were screwed up  :-/

THE French Riviera
I captured this from a bus while going to Monaco. I saw numerous pictures of French Riviera on the internet and wondered if it is this beautiful in real. It is actually breathtaking, you have to see it to believe it. This bus was full of Chinese tourists who were clicking away pictures on their Polaroids.   

The Dog Lady
This lady was on my left day bed with her lady partner and this naughty pup. Both the ladies were treating the little pup there as their son. The other lady was blocking this view. I clicked this as soon as she left for the restroom (i guess) and the pup was watching her leave. It was such a cute sight I can't explain in words. PS try and ignore the guy in the swimming trunks behind.

That's it. After this I jumped into the sea collecting beautiful pebbles.

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