Thursday, October 8, 2015

ASCI You Made My Day - Amity University TVC Ban

Today morning I woke up to the news of ASCI banning a few advertisements and one brand that grabbed my attention was Amity University. Yeah yeah I know it's the most insignificant brand among the lot but I am an Amitian (yes laugh) and how can i over look my college's name?

So, ASCI thinks that these brands are misleading the audience by claiming something which is not true.

Lets see what Amity is claiming in the TVC -

"Amity University ranked among the Top Universities in Asia by QS, a leading ranking organization” 

Yes Right! *laughingsodamnhard*

As if this was not enough they also added -

''India's leading not-for-profit Pvt university''

WHAAT!! *diedlaughing*

Yes! See it for yourself. 

Don't  know about other brands but this one is definitely misleading young kids. 

Out of all the universities probably this one extracts most money from the students. They can find silliest reasons to deduct your money for eg - Our Convocation Ceremony was organised on a weekday. I was working by then (not a campus placement) and reached half an hour late to the convocation, deposited security money for one black convocation cloak which was to be refunded after the ceremony. 

Yes you guessed it right they deducted 50% of the security money terming it 'Latecomer's Fine'. Students were not informed of this 'fine' earlier and most of them ended up paying it.

This is just one example. 

Anyways, ASCI thank you for making my day as I saw this advertisement again today and laughed my heart out.

P.S. - If you are from Amity school, it's a different thing. 
         If you are from Amity College and proud of it.....ahmm good for you.


  1. Omg !!! Died laughing.....heeheeheeas i was one who paid hehehe abig laughtet

  2. OMG !!! Died laughing........ Hehehehe
    As i was the one who paid
    Had great fun