Thursday, July 2, 2015

Hair Care Hacks Every Girl Should Know

I love my hair. I LOVE my hair. I love my hair. I really love my hair.

Though when you will see me you might say where is the hair girl, because I wear them short. Like really short. I had waist length hair once upon a time and I use to hate them.The reason I was growing them was I never found a good hair dresser whom I can trust with my 5 year old long tassels. You can't just approach any hair dresser and expect a good 'short' hair cut from him/her. 

One day Brent from BBlunt came into my life like a savior. He chopped off my long tassels and a new Somya emerged out. See for yourself -

From this.........................To this
But with short hair comes big responsibility. Because they are always out there for the people to see, you have to be careful. Unlike long hair they can't be tied up into a bun or a ponytail if you don't want to wash them, for instance.

It's 3 years now since I am wearing my hair short but still struggle to take care of them. Of course my Long-Hair-Days were more stressful as they require a lot more care and time but short hair are equally demanding. 

They were demanding blow dry and styling. I wish I could tie them.
I recently came across an article on Reward Me which was an eye opener. You know what Reward Me is right? No? Oh God you guys! 

''Rewardme is a site by P&G which gives you all exclusive information and tips on Beauty, Food, Fashion, Home and Health. You can find access to products, ideas, inspiration and advice that will help you have more rewarding moments every day'' Source

So where was I... yeah this article about hair care hacks which 'opened my eyes' is a must read. Yes I am taking part in a contest and endorsing this website but this does not mean I will promote anything. They have mentioned such hacks which will force you to think 'man! I was doing it wrong my entire life'. 

Yeah! That's what I am talking about. 

Out of seven hacks, I feel two on the list are especially for me. 

Since I can't tie my hair and hide the oil, I used to wash my hair almost everyday. Well, lets say 5 days a week. Yeah yeah I know it is harmful but what do I do?

Tip No 1 
1) Don’t over-wash your hair. Many hair types don’t need to be washed every day. “For super thick hair, only wash every three days,” says Sarah from California. You may experience some oily roots at first, but as your hair gets used to it, the oil will settle down.

I have tick, rough horse like hair. I realized I never give them the time to get used to 'less-hair-wash'. I tried washing them only 3 days a week & I can feel the difference already. That natural oil which used to appear everyday is taking some rest now. I hope my hair quality improves if I follow this washing routine religiously. 

Tip No 2
2) Sleep on great hair. Take care of your hair while you’re asleep. It’s easier than you think. Just get a satin pillowcase. “The satin pillow is for real,” says Alexandra from Wisconsin. The sleek fabric tames flyaway hairs and has the added benefit of reducing those early morning wrinkles. 

I don't use a pillow so I spread the pillow case on the bed-sheet and sleep on it. I usually wash my hair in the night and then go to sleep without blow drying. Before I knew this hack I used to do the styling myself in the morning, e-v-e-r-y morning. Phew! Now, my hair are on their best behavior every day. Of course there will be one side behaving weird but that much I can manage with a dryer. 
Not my bed, its a google image

See? Informative no? 
Go read '7 Hair Care Hacks Every Woman Should Know' , you will like it. 
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