Monday, June 29, 2015

The Happiness Project: 5 Steps to a Happy Life

How busy are we? 

We are not as busy as we think we are, and we sure can take out time to follow simple steps to work towards our all round happiness. 

When are we truly happy? Certainly not when we are up to our eyeballs in office work and extremely busy in fulfilling our family duties on an auto-mode​. We, I think, are truly happy when we have a balance between our family life and our professional life,​ or when we are thankful for what we already have & achieved, or when we feel beautiful from inside as well as from outside.
​ ​
I am a busy professional with a full and extremely happening ​family of an amazing MIL, a super cool ​FIL and my darling ​husband. With a really demanding job in a startup firm where I am handling almost all the departments (​Artist ​Bookings, ​M​anagement, HR, Accounts etc​. Phew. ​)​,​ ​I am often asked by friends about how do I manage to be happy and stress free​ (well, almost)​? I can sum it up in five must do pointers which might help or inspire you to lead the same happy & stress free life- 

1. Me Time-
I am a creature who really enjo​ys her 'ME' time. Leave me alone (when I want) with a book or ​a set of paints & ​canvas​,​ or with great music or ​sometimes - just sitting idle ​and day dreaming, ​and I will be the happiest person. Recently, I found out a great way of getting my 'me' time. I can be bored of all the other things but dancing. I am ecstatic when I am shaking my leg. So to take my love for dancing more seriously ​I recently joined Zumba fitness. I can't explain how much contentment Zumba gives me. I feel that joining Zumb​a​ is the best decision of my life. Of course marrying my husband was also not bad ;)

I would like to add that after years of confusion about my career, I think I have found my calling. I will be taking professional classes to become a Zumba Instructor from August. Yeiii

My Zumba Instructors at Raahgiri CP
What I mean is try out different things in your Me time. You never know your real happiness is hidden somewhere else. 

Want to know more about Zumba? Go here

2. Health
Monitoring your weight & weight loss
Due to our sedentary life style we all tend to gain those extra kgs which bother us a lot. I have been a thin girl ALL my life. I had a delusion that whatever I eat, whatever I do I will never put on weight. After I got married last year, I started gaining extra pounds, very quickly. I didn’t pay attention that time but within a year I was 55kgs from 45kgs. Some would say that I was under weight earlier and now I am fine, but I am a small girl with small frame and 5 inches of height. If I gain more pounds I will look like a round walking ball. 
Thank god I realized on time. I found 10 weight loss tips on Reward me that really work. Have a look.

Google Image

3. Food
Right amount of food and a good night sleep.
Sleeping on time is VERY important. The dark circles you are trying to hide or cure won't go unless you shun your poor sleeping habits. Most of us have difficulty in having a good night's sleep. Try one of the following to get a good night's sleep -
  • Cherry smoothie - Cherries have 'sleep hormone' melatonin in abundance.
  • Vanilla Milk - It soothes you and calms you down before going to bed.
  • Peppermint infusion - It relaxes you and have great digestive effects.
Don't know how to make them? I have a link for you. Go here for the recipes. 

4. Beauty  
I love my smooth, hair free body so damn much. But sadly I have the body-hair growth rate that of a monkey. Four days after proper body waxing rituals ​the hair again starts to appear​! I was so fed up of waxing as it consumes a lot of time (2 hours in my case), is tacky and extremely painful. I was looking into different options of hair removal, shaving, laser hair removal or epilation. Shaving was out of question, Laser hair removal is actually hair reduction and is shit expensive so I zeroed on the epilation and bought a Barun epilator. I am really happy with my wise decision. Epilation is a boon and it's not complicated or painful at all (what we usually think). Its easy-peasy and you can do it in no time. Read here how to do epilation with ease and what to do after epilating.

Braun Epilator - A Must Have
6. Crafts 
I love art & crafts. I often find myself ecstatic when I am making a painting for my bedroom or doing patch work on my old but extremely beautiful cushion cover. Find joy in little things, trust me that's very refreshing. Don't indulge in big ass crafty projects but find out something tiny. Is there a beautiful coaster which wants beautification? Are there any pictures which can be converted into a collage? Go here for more ideas. Think and do something which truly peps you up. See I painted this happy color on my very old tea coasters and made this colorful giraffe the other day.

My Latest Giraffe Painting & Brown Coasters in a New Color

I find out time from my schedule to do all the things mentioned above. They act as stress buster in my life and I hope they help you too.

With love to all of you. 

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