Monday, June 22, 2015

Life as a Tourist - Liebster Award Nomination

I am new to the blogging world.
As my travels got more frequent, my urge of writing a blog also increased manifold. Today I can say that I am a blogger only because I love writing about my experiences while visiting different parts of the world. 

When my celebrity sister, who is a published author and a famous blogger Aditi Mathur, nominated me for Liebster Award I was really excited. 

Though I don't consider myself a travel blogger yet but that's my ultimate goal and this is just the starting. 

I am happy to be a part of the chain of bloggers associated with the Liebster Award and hereby answering 11 questions asked to me by Adicrazy.

-What is the one rule you follow for your travel?
Travel light. No. Haha! :P
My one rule has to be 'check the label of the garment or sovereigns before buying' policy. I once picked up loads of cute tops & dresses and paid extra baggage only to realize later that they were 'Made In Bangladesh' and easily available in our own country  :-/

This picture says it all.


- What is the one thing you absolutely love about travel?
- In our busy 9 to 5 schedule, we have little time to talk to each other. One thing I absolutely love about travelling is that it gives you ample of time to talk to your travelling companion. I got married through an arranged set up last year and I genuinely feel that all our travels helped us to know each other better. 
We travel a lot together and discuss sports, movies, favorite TV Series, & discover new things about each other during every journey. 

Long walks and quality discussions in stunning Mykonos,Greece
- What was your longest trip and where?
- I went to Greece and Turkey last year in June and that was by far my longest trip. It was a comfortable journey and I slept through most of it.

- Give one tip to fellow travel bloggers?
- I feel there should be a balance between the pictures and the text. I loose my interest when I see either of the two overpowering.

- One thing you don't like about the Travel Blogging trend these days?
- There is actually nothing I dislike about Travel Blogging trend. 

- One dream destination.
Egypt. I believe I was one of the Pharaos or the beautiful Egyptian queens in my past life. I am obsessed with Egyptian culture. In my childhood days, when all my friends were dressing up like princess my favorite game was dressing up like the Sphinx. Once I scared my sister to death in midnight as I was all dressed up like the Sphinx because I was wide awake and bored. The political unrest in the country has forced me not to visit this beautiful land as for now, but hopefully sometime soon. 
Google Image

- One place you would not like to revisit.
- Thankfully all my travel experiences as yet have been pleasant & I can't think of any destination I would not like to revisit. I truly believe in going out there and exploring the world the good, the bad will be a part of it, which I feel is fine. The only thing matters is going and exploring it.

Goggle Image

- One place you would like to go again and again.
- Mykonos, Greece. This place is magical. I would love to go back again and again and maybe settle there. The ocean, Little Venice, blue roofs, the windmills, everything is absolutely stunning. Mykonos is unreal. Like I mentioned in my earlier post Mykonos is straight out of a fantasy novel. (Read the entire post here). 

Mykonos from our lens

- Can you really travel with minimum baggage?
- No. That's a myth. At least for me. There are so many things apart from the clothes girls need to carry. Boys on the other hand can travel light if they want to. Unlike us they can just carry 2 pairs of footwear which will match their entire travel wardrobe (which consists of 6 Tshirts and 2 shorts :-| !

See my BIG suitcase and a huge handbag
- What website do you turn to when planning your trip?
- I do a lot of research on Tripadvisor, Lonely Planet and also Airbnb while planning my trip. I read a lot of traveler reviews , ask questions on Tripadvisor before chalking out the entire plan. Other travelers can really help you with the local travel of the city you are visiting, local eateries you shouldn't miss and a lot more.

- Tell us the best thing about your latest trip.
- I visited the beautiful Srinagar last month and fell in love with the city at once. All I knew about Srinagar was it is politically unstable and it's a little risky for the tourists. I was totally amazed when I visited the serene and calm city. We roamed almost in every part of Srinagar and never saw any kind of disturbance. There is one space assigned for all the protests and rallies, called Lal Chowk. The rest of the city is peaceful and calm. It saddens me to see that the media only focuses on the protests and fights that happen there, leaving all the people like me unaware about the stunning city.
My Boy at Parimahal
That's it. Hope you enjoy reading it.

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