Friday, June 26, 2015

Heavenly Lamb Chops in Athens

I love lamb chops. I can have lamb chops for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Yes my love is that deep. When I visited Athens one thing was for sure that we will have lamb chops as soon as we land.
As Greeks and lamb share a unique bond since ages and lamb chops or paidakia are a delicacy in Greece, I was sure we will find something really amazing. 
After lot of asking around and research we found out that there is a restaurant preferred by the locals which is serves authentic Greek food. But noone knew the exact address. We just knew it's around Thiseio metro line. 

We walked & walked and after a while finally found out this restaurant. Their indoor area is pretty tiny but the outdoor extension is b-i-g.

When I finally dug my teeth into the juicy, crunchy, soft lamb chops I was in heaven. 'To Steki Tou Ilia' serve the best lamb chops I have ever had. THE BEST! 

The Chef and his ever busy grill

This is not a tourist restaurant and is visited largely by the locals who come there to relish delicious geek food. We all know anyplace which is visited by the locals is 'splendid'.

 Between myself and my husband, we use to polish off one and a half kgs of mutton chops. 
Even if you do not like lamb you must try 'paidakia ' at least once if you are in Athens. 

They have a small but authentic Greek menu. Vegetarians try their Greek salad, fried Capsicum with fetta cheese are also delectable. The food is really fresh , I think that's why it's so damn tasty. 

We dined there four times during our stay in Athens and every time it raised the bench mark higher. 

It's located near Thiseio metro line so it's easy to find. 

Address Eptachalkou 5, Athens, 10033, Greece
Cons -
It is crowded all the time, you have to wait to get a seat.
Because there are so many people you have to again wait for the food to reach your table.

That's it, rest everything is incredible. 

Also, cat lovers you will see many cats roaming around.

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