Thursday, June 11, 2015

Five Things To Keep In Mind Before Getting A Tattoo

Year 2012 was a year of change for me. I left my boring PR job, chopped off my hair and got a tattoo. Yes a tattoo! Like most of us I wanted a tat since my childhood days. The fascination for a good meaningful tattoo haunted me for years. In May 2012 I finally gathered my courage to face the needles. 
My fear was never about the pain I had to endure but it was about the lack of confidence in the tattoo artist. The question always was 'how will I find I good artist?'.

After years of research I found the right guy & I got in touch with Abhijeet Dhailia who runs RIP tattoos in Lajpat Nagar (after stalking his work online). This artist made my 'first' tattoo better than what I had imagined it would be like.

I already had a font and a placement for my first tattoo in the mind, but Abhijeet suggested something entirely different and bold. Yes I was a little jittery but I followed his advice. I am so glad I did. Look at the result :)

RIP Tattoos by Abhijeet

Presently I have two tattoos and love both of them. Often my friends, colleagues and people I barely know ask for my suggestions before they can decide on their own tattoo. I know how important a tattoo is and what place it holds in a person’s life. I have gone through the confusion and anxiety one faces before making the final decision.

So here it is, I am jotting my thoughts down about the whole tattoo process. Keep reading if you are planning to get inked. It might help you :)

First step – Decide what you want –
Instead of asking around, one should do his own research. While selecting a design just think that when you are old and wrinkly will you still love that little ink mark on your body?

The thing is the tattoo will be on your body, you have to see it every day for the rest of your life so I don't feel it's fine to go for something which your friend likes suggested. Go for what you like.

But if you have decided to get your girlfriend's or boyfriend's name tattooed, dear you should talk to your best friend right away who will know how to stop you doing this blunder. Okay? 

Nothing is permanent in life except tattoos. So choose wisely.

Second - Decide your budget –

'Cheap can't be good and good can't be cheap' Period.

A good tattoo of about 4 inches will cost you somewhere around Rs 4000 to Rs 5000. So, save money if you have to but do not settle for a cheap service. 

Need I say more? 

Third - Find a good tattoo artist - 
The hardest part of this entire tattoo process is finding the right tattoo artist. For 100% confidence in the artist do your research. See the artist's work. Talk to people who recently got inked by the artist you have selected. I stalked my both the artists, Abhijeet and Lokesh, for weeks before approaching them.

Devil's Tattoos by Lokesh
Fourth - Choose the right weather
It is advised not to cover the new tattoo to avoid rashes. Keep it open, let it breath. It needs time and ideal condition to heal. So, I would suggest do not choose winters as you will be covered with clothes from top to bottom, do not plan it around your beach holiday, do not do it around Holi (if you play). Okay?

Note - Artist covers the tattoo after completing it, the gives your skin a chance to close. Do not remove it until your artist tells you to.

Fifth - Decide the placement - 
Of course your tattoo artist will help you with this, like mine did, but you should know a few things before making the final decision. All the body parts which are exposed in water very often tend to fade, like fingers, hands, palms, feet. Tattoos on your arms & calves appear twisted sometimes. If it's fine with you, go ahead. 

Lastly, I would add if you are getting done a quote, a name or anything to do with words, do check the spellings & grammar carefully. Trust me otherwise this tattoo will be one thing you will regret for rest of your life. 


That's all! Oh and one more thing make sure that the artist is using a brand new needle. Okay? Now bbye.


  1. "Nothing is permanent in life except tattoos. So choose wisely."
    Loved this phrase.. 5 points someone should mind while engraving something meaningful on them.
    loved the theme.. and your tattoos are immensely thoughtful. Kudos!! :)