Thursday, June 11, 2015

Carrying anything is logical with Lodgy

Today when I came across #LiveLodgycal contest at Blogadda, I started missing my mom, dad, sister, brother and entire family terribly. As soon as you see the recently launched Renault Lodgy you think of your family. Seriously. This spacious car with 7 full size seats in three rows reminds you of the childhood picnics with your entire khandaan in summer holidays. See?

How Spacious is that!
I would love to take my family on a long drive in Renault Lodgy and carry with me these five things that are an important part of my world but haven't carried them yet because of the space constraints. 

The first thing I will keep in my Renault Lodgy would be a RedBull Fridge filled with ofcourse Redbulls and other yummy drinks. How wonderful a journey will be with cold RedBulls man.Wow! My entire family drinks a lot of water while travelling and we know drinking so much liquid has it's side effects, so we have to take washroom breaks like in every half an hour. During long drives it's always a problem for the ladies to find a washroom or a closed space to do the dos. Now if I have a B-I-G Renault Lodgy with huge boot space the second thing I would carry is a light weight wooden room divider which can cover us from all the sides. 
Wow life will be so much easier man! You know what I am talking about right? this- 

Don't worry it will fit into The Lodgy. See the boot space for your self.


Third in the list is my warm, soft blanket. I can not stand ACs for too long and men in my family can not survive if the AC is not blasting air on their faces while driving. Considering the superior air-conditioning of Lodgy & habits of the men in my family I would require my warm blanket during this drive. 

Moving on, which journey is complete without good music? We all carry music in our phones and with a large group you have to listen to everyone and play songs that everyone likes. In such a long drive different phones will be connected and different moods will be set by different songs. Thank god for Lodgy's charging sockets across all 3 rows there will be no fights with my siblings over phone charging. 

As this will be my family trip and I haven't seen all of them together since an year and a half, last item on my list would be a projector & our favorite movies and binge watch them when we reach our destination.

Pure Bliss.

What a journey.

*already dreaming about the long drive wearing a long flowy purple dress to match the Lodgy*

’I am participating in the #LiveLodgycal contest with Renault in association with BlogAdda to get a chance to be a part of the #LiveLodgycal Drive in Goa.

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