Sunday, April 5, 2015

Valentine's couple selfie contest in Hyatt Regency

Part 1 - Participating & Winning

Who doesn't like Valentines? We all do right? 

We, me and my husband, wanted to go out for a pre-Valentine celebration on one of the days of 'Valentines week'. We both LOVE Chinese food and decided to go to our favorite restaurant 'The China Kitchen, Hyatt Regency'. While crossing the lobby I saw this set up with 'LOVE' cut out & some flowers, frames around it. They were running a contest on Valentine's week and to participate all you had to do is click a picture and upload it online. 'Yeii let's do it when we are done with the lunch' I told Tapan. 

At The China Kitchen we indulged and how. While leaving we quickly clicked a picture and I uploaded it on Instagram and Twitter. I am not always lazy, you see.

Happy Faces

After a few days I received a mail from Hyatt saying that we have won the Valentine's couple selfie contest and invited us to collect the prize. I was super happy as this was the first time ever I won anything. I can't tell you how bad my luck. Sigh. 

Anyways, I replied back saying that I am elated and asked what have I won (my guess was a free meal). I couldn't believe when I read their reply. 
It said - Yes, you have a won a free meal and a 1/2 carat diamond.

Can you believe a diamond!! 

We were invited to have dinner at La Piazza and to collect our winning prize. 

Part 2 - Dinner @ La Piazza

We were greeted with smiles and were directed to our table which looked like this -
Beautiful :)

It was a busy evening and almost every table was occupied. The staff was courteous and kind as always. They handed over the gift to me and clicked pictures for their Facebook page (I guess). There was only one bummer that they did not pay the required attention to the food and it's delivery to our table. First we had to wait & wait for our dishes and then they were served cold. We are regulars to this restaurant and always had a pleasant experience.

So we decided to let go of their 'Chef's Special Menu' and just had aglio olio pasta. 

In all, it was a lovely evening as I spent a lot of time with my husband and that was the whole point of it.

Want to know what have I done with the gift? Well, the diamond is perched on a ring and looks lovely. 

Will I go here again? Absolutely yes. But would give a pass to the free meal voucher. I am not complaining about anything I won a bloody diamond!*evil laugh*