Friday, April 10, 2015

Thank You For The 'Memory'

This incident happened in June 2013. That time I was living in Amar Colony with my friends and use to commute to my office by metro. I still do that but in different area as I have shifted to Patparganj after getting married.

Anyways, I used to take a rickshaw from the metro station to my house. One day I saw this Nepalese kid, not more than 12, waiting for a passenger. He was incredibly cute with red cheeks & bright eyes. I quickly approached him and asked whether he will be able to drop me.

He said yes yes why not, it will be Rs 20. I was surprised as all the rickshaw pullers charged Rs 30. I sat and told him that I will give him Rs 30 as my home is right at the end of the lane. The kid paddling swiftly said ‘will go to my home after dropping you which is not far from there. When I had to go back to the station then I charge Rs 30’.

Such an honest kid! Where do we find honest people these days? We reached our destination and as I was stepping down he asked ‘kal aap aaoge? Mai wait karun aapka same time ghar aane se pehele?' I couldn't help but notice that he is using English words. I said ‘haan mai aaungi and tum school jate ho? He replied ‘haan din me school and sham me kaam’. And rode away on his rick humming some song. Happy kid I thought.

Obviously the next day I was looking forward to see him. I was also carrying a few biscuit packets & chocolates for him. After all he was a kid and all the kids like biscuits & chocolates. I found him exactly at the same spot and he waved as soon as he saw me. 
While going back we talked about his school and how he has to manage between work & studies as his dad is away for some work. But he didn’t complain about anything. He also told me his name is Bahadur. He was not ordinary kid. He was mature, honest & most importantly happy.

By the time we reached my home I was skeptical to hand over the eatables to him. I didn’t want to offend him in any way so I asked him ‘ Bahadur do you like biscuits and chocolates I have some for you'. (Taking them out of my bag). His eyes were suddenly big & sparkly and he tried hard to hide the ‘kid’ inside him. Without asking anymore questions I handed over the poly bag to him. He didn't say anything, just flashed his ear to ear smile and went away.

The next day he told me how much he loves food. ‘I can eat anything which is tasty even loki' he mentioned.

I just smiled in response and was somehow feeling content by seeing him happy. A little gesture and few biscuits can win over a precious heart. Who knew? 

I still think about him sometimes and find myself smiling. Thank you for the wonderful 'memory' my little friend. 

For those who are interested to know what happened to him, he was sent to Nepal to complete his studies after 2013's Diwali.

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