Saturday, April 4, 2015

Ten Things I Want To Do Right Now

I am currently visiting my sister in Dehradun and it's already time to leave. I hate it! This will be a quick list because here are then things I want to do right now:
  1. Stay longer. I wish I could stay with my sister, my bro-in-law and my cute smart-ass niece. 
  2. Go to Rokeby Manor again. Read my sister's review of the place here.
  3. Stay up till 4 in the morning and  gossip. Sadly, my train leaves tonight. 
  4. Drink bottles of Orange Tang.
  5. Take some of the Dehradun-Mussoorie rains with me to Delhi.
  6. Shop non stop with my sister and then do a late night cat-walk with all the new stuff.
  7. Somehow apparate out brother from Pune. Miss him!
  8. Watch back to back Harry Potter movies and discuss the books to no end, again, with my sister. Or, talking to each other in spells. We do that kind of thing. We're fan girls.
  9. Go for long walks around the amazing and very clean and green Army Cantt, with music coming from every pole. (How cool is that?)
  10. Attempt some cool DIY stuff with my sister, and get it right for a change. Like, making a cool bag from a pair of denims. Or a locket from an old newspaper. And maybe we can sell our amazing DIY stuff on Facebook. Wow. We could make millions.
If only I had some more time to spend here. Will miss being here!

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