Saturday, April 4, 2015

Restaurant Review: Social in Hauz Khas Village

Social in Hauz Khas Village is the much talked about restaurants of Delhi these days. I have been going to Social HKV ever since it was launched.

Let me start by saying that I loved the place (until my last visit - keep reading). There is a reason this place is called 'Social'. The amount of people you see here can actually overwhelm you. The place is HUGE with different levels and areas all packed by people and more people. In the afternoon I can just sit there for hours, sip on to some drinks and draw sketches of the diverse crowd present there and the beautiful lake, but sadly I am no artist so I was just sitting there, quietly drinking.

Drinks deserve a special mention. Go and enjoy the Long Island Iced Tea as this drink is served in a monstrous tall glass. I had LITs, cosmopolitan, White sangria & Red Sangria. (No, not all at the same visit!). Drinks are really nice & innovative and prices are affordable. 

But you have to be careful if you are planning to host a small party there. 

Recently, I organized a 10-person party at Social and got in touch with the manager to make my bookings. He is an acquaintance who I came in touch through my work. I thought who can be better than him to help with the bookings, right? So, I told him all my requirements and asked if we can get a deal on our bill if it's possible. He was kind enough to tell me that he will take care of everything. So I with my husband and 7-8 friends went there and at the entry we came to know that there is no reservation in our name. Nothing was arranged, not even a table reserved. Imagine our distress.

Social being a VERY busy restaurant, prior reservation is a MUST. I panicked but thankfully the guy at the entry told me that luckily one table is free at the moment. Phewww.

Thankfully it was fine after that, all the guests had fun and the evening went smoothly. We were sitting on their terrace and God, what a place it is! Kickass ambiance and the music is also good. 

Another thing the manager had promised me during my chat with him, was a discount - but obviously after seeing how even the reservation wasn't made, I knew not to expect the discount. Which is absolutely no problem because I've been a Social regular for the longest time ever, but the fact that I was promised something and then the manager conveniently didn't take my call - was a tad disappointing. 

So my advice here - If you are planning to host a party at Social just make sure you fix everything before hand. Tell them to give details of the table you are booking. Remind them to put your guests on the list and decide the discount % if you are promised one. That's all. 

As for me, I am in the music industry and of course I will still head to Social for an evening of good fun-food & music, because it is a place I love and because I believe in second chances!

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