Tuesday, April 14, 2015

My Days in Enchanting Mykonos

Like I mentioned in my earlier post that we went to Greece in 2014 (read it here), and started our journey in Athens. After spending a few days in Athens we packed our bags again to visit Mykonos. 

Journey from Athens to Mykonos -
The best way to reach Mykonos is by a ferry. It's a wonderful experience. Do not fly because what you will experience in a ferry on water amid winds and stunning landscapes, you will not witness that in a flight. 

Try and book the window seats. There are two ports in Athens Rafina and Piraeus. Book your tickets from Rafina if you are coming from the airport and from Piraeus if you are already in central Athens. Be careful in choosing a ferry. Ferry with outdoor space is much more fun than an enclosed one. Highspeed ferries are fast but they have no outside deck areas and there are other ferries which take slightly longer but have indoor as well as outdoor seating areas. So select a ferry according to the experience you want.

We chose Blue Star Ferry which has an outdoor area as well. I recommend the conventional ones as it's a unique experience.

Enchanting Mykonos
Mykonos is straight out of a fantasy novel. It is enchanting! If I were a part of a faiytale, I would be princess of Mykonos who falls in love under the famous windmills. Wow! 

White & Blue
Moving on, book your hotel either inside of Little Venice or somewhere close by as this is the most happening place and you would want to go there everyday. We stayed at Hotel Aeolos owned & managed by a family. The owner, his wife, nephew (and more relatives) all take care of different aspects of the hotel. One is at the front desk, one picks you up, one handles the kitchen so on. All of them are warm and welcoming. They will help you out with anything you ask them. The food is amazing (I still crave for their spring rolls). The location of this hotel is also perfect as it's close to the Little Venice and a few beaches. During our stay we explored the nightlife, different beaches, relaxed at the hotel pool and walked to see the windmills and the famous church everyday.

Pool Area - Hotel Aeolos

Must do - 

Stroll in the narrow and beautiful lanes of Little Venice. It is one among the most romantic places in the world. Do not forget to carry a warm sweater or a light jacket. Temperature dips in the evening.

Different shades of Little Venice
  • Rent ATVs to ride around the island. Do carry your local licence as you won't be given an ATV without it and you will miss all the fun. There are cars and bikes available as well but you will enjoy more on your ATV. 
My Boy and the ATV
Mykonos is called 'Ibiza of Greece' because of it's nightlife. There are number of clubs you can go to. We went to Club Cavo Paradiso and what a phenomenal experience. Just be careful of the timings, I was super excited to go there and dragged Tapan at 11PM. Party picks by only by 2 AM and by that time we were tired. 
Cavo Paradiso

Tired smiles at 2 AM

  • Have a meal at Kastro Bar Mykonos. It has a spectacular view and great food. They have small outside area as well. It is incredibly windy there so if you can have your meal with your hair in all directions, sit there. 
Super Yummy Moussaka

Windmills In The Background

  • Go to The Church of Panagia Paraportiani. It is beautiful during sunset. In Mykonos they have 365 churches but this one is the most famous.

  • Lastly, go to the windmills everyday while you are there, simply because they are stunning and unique.

This place is magical. It should be on your list. Stay there for atleast a week. I would love to go again & again and maybe never come back.

Note - All pictures are my own. 

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