Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Hilariously Dumb Questions My Friends Asked Recently

Okay let me start by saying that I have amazing friends. I love all of them. But sadly few of them are ummm dumb. Here are some questions I was asked recently. Trust me you will be 'dumbfounded'.

  • Hey listen how many digits are there in an Indian mobile number? 8 or 10? 
  • Is Oprah Winfrey Morgan Freeman's daughter?
  • Do you know Hunger Games is a true story?
  • Why are you reading this book ? You know the movie is releasing next month, right?
  • How do I turn off capslock on your laptop?
  • This one is epic - Is there an iPhone from Samsung?


P.S. - If I have mentioned one of the questions asked by you, please remember that I love you and have no intention of hurting you. We're cool?