Monday, April 6, 2015

5 Things My Niece Taught Me

I just came back from Dehradun after spending some quality time with my sister and my little niece, Gauri. It was long due since we haven't met in months even when she is just 6 hours away from me. So this time I spent 3 days with her all thanks to the long weekend & my brother-in-law who planned it for me.

My niece is now almost 3 years old and she talks non stop. She can tell you stories (which she is making spontaneously), sing self-composed songs on her favorite things (like her umbrella, her new shoes), shhhh me down when she is pretending to be on phone with Mickey Mouse, or run in the entire house saying 'masi can you do this?'..  the list is endless. 

After good 3 days with her I realized how precious the kids are. We have so much to learn from them. 

Here are 5 things that my niece taught me during my latest visit -
  • Be creative & don't think about the response - I am a creative person. But I am a shy one. I often find myself wondering what will others think of my creation, be it a painting, a DIY or a poem. But Gauri! She draws stick figures with long hands, paints outside the boundary or mix up 2 poems & sings them in her own tune. I told her one day 'Baby that's wrong way to do it' she said 'but masi I like it' stressing on 'I'. I thought you have a point kid. Why should one even bother to think of others reaction? It's subjective. Some people will love it and some won't. No biggie. 
Gauri busy with her toilet paper-roll painting
  • Share - I do not like to share my things. I need to learn this art from Gauri. She is a great kid. She likes sharing. 'Gauri can i share your chocolate?' or 'Gauri please share your toys with me'. If you ask nicely she will share things with you. I don't know about others, at least I haven't seen any kid sharing her chocolates or toys. 
  • Say sorry - Gauri apologizes as soon as she realizes she is at fault. One look at my strict stare or shake of my head & she quickly says 'I am sorry masi' in a cute toddler voice. So, instead of dodging it, from next time I will say sorry.
  • Smile & laugh - Gauri smiles to express her approval and laughs loudly to express her happiness. Her smile can make anyone's day better and laughter can melt anyone's heart. I know my smile will not do that but still I can try keeping a smiley face instead of a scowly face.

Laughing with my Sister

  • Forgive - This is the most important lesson for me. I NEVER forgive. I remember people who were mean to me 8 years back and I still plan to get even. This brings a lot of negativity. I want to get rid of it. Now coming to Gauri, I scolded her because she was rubbing my toothbrush on her shoe. Her face fell and tears welling up in her big eyes, instantly i regretted it. Without wasting any time I hugged her and said 'Gauri I am so sorry'. In reply she said 'masi it's ok and I am sorry too'. Awww

Smiling after our little tiff

Thank you my baby girl! I love you tonnes!


  1. That is so Cute and Awesome at the same time!

    1. Yeii now we can go together to meet di and chika! So happy :)

  2. OMG this is the cutest blog post I've ever read! Lots of love!

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  4. Superb! Very well written.. best blog on gauri.

  5. That's a cute post, fun filled and, oh my, there's lot to learn too! A powerful packed post yet so sweet :) Thanks for sharing :) Best Wishes Somya!

    1. Thank you for the kind words. I am sure I will learn more when I meet her next. :)