Thursday, March 19, 2015

Honeymooning? Try 'The Naka Island'

After our big event, wedding, my husband and I really needed a getaway like every other couple. Tapan (my husband) selected Thailand and I was like what? 'Phuket? I would go there to celebrate my bachelorette not my honeymoon!' I told Tapan. He replied 'Baby wait till you get to Naka'. And quoted these lines from the resort's website which he had mugged up so that he can sell the place to me. 

''Baby! Nestled among stunning beaches, lush coconut groves, with never-ending views of the emerald-green Phang Nga Bay and idyllic landscapes of the Phuket coastline, The Naka Island is an exclusive boutique resort on Naka Yai Island, located just off the Phuket coast.''

Ofcourse I was hell impressed. 

Now this is what i have to say regarding The Naka Island, A Luxury Collection Resort & Spa Phuket. This is the PERFECT place for honeymooners! I will tell you why. Read up- 

1) Villa -The view from the villa is stunning, it opens up in the sea and the best part was that our villa was nearest to the bar (Lucky us). Its given a rustic look which makes it even more appealing. Don't be afraid if you see a lizard (or another creature), it's meant to be like that. You are in the lap of the nature. Every villa has 2 bicycles. We rode to the nearby Fisherman's village, and it was SO MUCH FUN. Baggies are a call away if you don't want to ride your bike. 

Click from the entry of the villa

Pool in the villa & my boy

Bicycle love

2) Food - Food is phenomenal. Be it Tonsai or My Grill , food is just scrumptious. Have your final dinner @ My Grill, it will hit you on the right spot. 

They also organize an entertainment night where you can see Thailand's traditional dance and music while having your dinner. 

I danced with the dancers and learned a few steps as well.

3) Pool - Swim in the resort's pool is therapeutic. Water sports (in the sea) are also available for adventurous soul. 

Click from the day bed

4) Family destination - This place is ideal for anyone who wants a quiet and serene experience in nature's lap. I saw families enjoying as much as the honeymooners.

What you MUST do - 

-Cycle your way to the Fisherman's Village

-Go to the Phuket Night Market, Saturday & Sunday (Find out if you have one ferry ride free 
with your package)

-Avail the spa services. It's not out-of-this-world experience but quite decent. And they have a pool at the back of this room where the couple can have relaxed dip after the spa.

Spa Room

-Go to the bar for drinks.Don't be lazy otherwise you will miss the spectacular view from the bar, which is in one corner of the resort.

-Eat 'Morning glory' at their restaurant Tonsai & sip on to that super refreshing coconut water.

-Swim in the pool and non swimmers spend your day on the day beds in the pool. That's what we did :)

-Go for snorkeling in the morning when the tide is low

-Ride your cycle as much as you can

-Do use the hammock. Someone or the other is always lying on it. So run and grab it as soon as you see it unoccupied. 

-Take a break while having dinner and stroll at the beach. You will love it!

Husband wanted me to pose. So..

The only problem is language barrier. The staff is not well versed in English which makes it difficult to ask for simple things. I feel only this needs to be taken care of rest everything is splendid.

I would love to go there again to relive those blissful days. 

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