Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Bored in office!

Working for a music label comes with its pros and cons. Yes it’s exciting, you can listen to music all day long, it’s experimental, can Facebook in the name of research and see music videos of other artists. But my friend it’s a job and no job is different. Everyone tends to get bored while working, even if it’s cool music label job.

In 3 and a half years of my professional life I have discovered so many things which can be done in the office whenever I need a break.

There is no point in pretending that you are sending mails while all you want to do is 'take a break'. Kill the boredom man and don’t waste your time on Facebook or Twitter. Try and do something else, something which does not consume your time and yet refreshes you. 

Below is my list. Try them if you like, trust me you will enjoy all of them :)

  • Draw – I draw a lot. Whenever I am bored I pick up my pencil and draw something. Pencil shading is the thing I like. It takes hardly 10-15 mins and your drawing is ready. This is what I drew recently.

  • Watch reality shows online – No not big boss or splitsvilla. Something like Dance India Dance, India’s got Talent, The Voice, UK’s got talent etc. We all know Youtube has plenty of such videos. The best thing is these videos are short in length & my boss is understands this. If he sees me watching anything on youtube, he knows I will be doing that only for 5 mins and will get back to the work..soon. 
  • Go to the building’s terrace and do pranayam – haha no I am kidding. Go to the terrace and enjoy the pleasant weather. Take in that natural air. Trust me 5 min break from that Air Con air is really nice. 
  • Read online Calvin and Hobbes – Or whatever cartoon you like. I LOVE calvin. He inspires me. He makes me laugh.  I have the printout of the strip and pasted on my board.

  • Explore new Indian music artists – Don’t tell me you don’t like music! We all like some kind of music. We praise all the international artists. Oh Calvin Harris, oh Tiesto, Oh! Rihanna!! There is so much talent in India. Our own artists are immensely talented and I am not talking about the likes of AR Rahman. Everyone knows them. I am talking about artists like Dualistic Inquiry, Hamza, VinayakA, Nucleya, Sandunes, Mad Boy & Mink, Hari and Sukmani, Raghu Dixit Project…. There are so many, seriously so many Indian artists and bands out there. Follow them, listen to their music on soundcloud, see where are they performing. Trust me you will love them.
Hamza & Rajasthan Folkstars (Wind Horse Records)


Nucleya <3

  • Write reviews – I am sure all of you do online shopping? Why not write reviews of the products you bought? Trust me your honest review can really help the potential buyers.  And oh don’t worry about the fancy language.. no one cares if you have used 'impressive' words in your reviews, they just want to now they should use or buy a product or not. Review food, review cosmetics (on nykaa etc), review pubs, review lingerie, review everything. There are plenty of people who are waiting to read a review and then make the purchase. Help them. My zomato reviews

  • Connect with old friends -  I had a friend back in school who left the school and the city. I was young and stupid. I didn't inquire where was she going, what’s her new address.. nothing. Sigh! But thanks to Facebook, I found her after 8 years. Now we are back in touch and I am proud to say we get drunk together at least once a month.

  • Watch pictures of people you don’t like and laugh – Yes again on Facebook. I am a human and ofcourse there are some people I don’t like. I visit their profile see their pictures and laugh. Some people in my list are damn funny. There is this guy from ‘Delhi’ I call him Johnny Bravo. He recently uploaded pictures of him in business class sipping on to something wearing golden shoes, baseball cap, looking out of the window and captioned the picture as ‘Trip no 15 - sada style Funtastic’.. Hilarious right? Cant upload a picture here.

  • Solve acid aunty puzzle – I think they have introduced this recently. I am not sure though. They have this daily puzzle and who doesn't like solving easy puzzles? I am doing this everyday now. Check it out here –

Oaky bbye now. I should go back to work. 

Note - Artist's pictures are from their facebook pages, Aunty Acid is also from facebook. 

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